Wednesday, May 1, 2013

He is Faithful

So many questions as we move forward in this adoption process. But really, so many questions as we move forward in this life process. It is such a journey. I find myself being molded more in His likeness as God continues to mold and shape me. Im happy that I look more like Him. The tough times have been just that-very tough. But He really has never let me fall. Even when I thought I was falling, I believe I was in His hands the whole time. He is faithful:)

God has really been encouraging us this week. That He hears us, that He LOVES us, that He is happy with us. I have been journaling to remember all of it. I was listening to a sermon from Bill Johnson today about standing in the revelation that God has given you, because that is what is real. The authority is in that, because God spoke that over you. He even talked about praising God like He has already done that very thing, even if it is still to come. Because it Will come! God is not a liar. He is the truth. Thank you Father:)

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