Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just made the decision:)

These last several months have been full of opportunities to grow. Our newest sweet girl was born a little over 2 months ago! The second half of my pregnancy was a time of sickness, fear, and anxiety. I am still struggling. And literally every day God encourages me. As I seek Him (and even when I don't), I am found, because I am His. As I listen throughout the day for Him, I hear Him. Bible verses and songs come to my heart. One of my children will say something funny in the moment so I can do nothing but laugh. My sons will come give me a kiss and my daughter will smile at me. I am learning how much I treasure them!

We have prayed and pondered adoption for a few years , and we are finally stepping out to do it. Just made the decision!I am so excited to see Jesus do what only He and His people can do!

Totally depending on the love of Jesus Christ for us, and the orphan! And so it begins...Would truly love your prayer as you walk this journey with us. He Who has called us is faithful!


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