Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Here We Go Again:):):)

2 weeks ago, my two oldest boys and I were praying about Ukraine. Ricky and I had been praying about it over the past few weeks, waiting on the Lord for direction. We were not sure, and felt like we could not move forward until we had heard His voice.

Back to the prayer...So David, Noah and I prayed very specifically that night. We asked God that if it was GO time, that God would give us 100 dollars specifically for our adoption! I thought this was a lofty request, as most people did not know we were asking the Lord about the adoption in prayer. So we left it at that, and went about life.

After our marriage small group about 4 days later, we came home to find the kids asleep and in bed. Our babysitter, Sarah, is amazing:) So our babysitter was about to leave our home, when she asked me if we could talk. She said that she and her fiancé had been having a hard time finding a home church. I naturally thought she was going to ask about coming to visit our church.  But then she said that they had been setting aside their tithes. Sarah said that she told her fiancé all about our family, as she adores the kids and our heart for adoption. She said they wanted to bless a family with the money, but that they were not sure who to bless. So Sarah and her fiancé were in prayer for a time, and they finally decided that they wanted to bless our family with the money. I was absolutely blown away. Sarah is a wonderful Christian, but I thought this was for sure a big step for a young lady.

When she told me, my heart jumped. I selfishly thought this may be the answer to prayer, but I didn't want to have expectations at the same time! So I told her that we had been specifically asking the Lord for a sum. I asked her how much the donation was for. And then she absolutely knocked me out of the water. Fifteen hundred dollars. FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. I started laughing, and crying. God didn't just meet our request. He superseded it 15 times! At this point, I was dancing inside. I thought, "For real, God, are you for real?"

I ran into the room and told Ricky, and we were both dumbfounded yet again by this God of extravagance. The Bible says that God does beyond what we ask or think. And honestly, in this world of God's heart for the orphan, I have seen it over and over again. He is faithful, and His timing is perfect.

So, one small step at a time, we are moving forward towards our 3 children in Ukraine. We would so appreciate your love and prayer as we journey this road. Adoption is a battle, the redeeming of life. God is our King, and we know He gives us the tools to fight. And ultimately, we have the absolute victory. Thank you for being part of our community!

Ricky and Monica:)

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