Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You Make Me Brave ( New Pics !!)

So yes friends! We are going back to Ukraine! There are three beautiful children who captured our hearts when we went to get Nikita. They have stayed on our hearts and in our minds for many months. They were incredible children too! Maxim was just a ball of smiles! Seriously, he gave me a hug when I went, and my heart simply melted! This boy is AWESOME!

Yura is the epitome of fun! He was constantly moving, playing, laughing. Despite where they live, they find everything in the world to have JOY about! It blows my mind.

And sweet Olya, who is learning to stand now! When we were at her orphanage a year ago, she was rolling on the playroom floor. My husband saw her army crawl once, and that's it. It amazes me to see the work that Maya's Hope is doing there. She really is a God send.

So those are the 3 incredible children we are pursuing. I will update you with new pics and information as we go!

As to the title of this post, I wanted to share one thing God has been growing in me. Bravery! Bravery! I desperately want to be brave. In all things. In adoption. In raising my family. In enduring trials. In my walk with Christ and others. I want to be BRAVE.
I think we all do. I am excited about this season of life, but it has not come without walking through the fire. Honestly I still feel like Im walking through the fire. But God is very real, very true, and very faithful!

Please stay tuned to our journey towards our 3 newest treasures:)

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Excited to journey with you,
Monica :)

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