Saturday, February 14, 2015

Update and New Pics of our Kids!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends,
Just wanted to give an update on our kids! We are currently less than 3 months away from meeting our sweet kiddos, Lord willing! Our dossier was just notarized, and we plan to apostille next week! The closer we get, the more excited we are to meet our kids. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Our daughter Olya is finally getting to grow her hair!

 Our second oldest son, Yura, has the gift of joy! He is always smiling like this!
 And our oldest treasure, Maxim, is one of the most special boys you will ever meet!
Ukraine is very heavy in battle right now. Our children's region borders the war. Would you cover them in prayer please? The thing we do know...Our God is the DEFENDER of the orphan! He is with them. And He is with us. He loved them and knew them before we did. And I trust Him with their hearts and lives!

We will be there soon sweet ones! Your brothers and sisters are very excited to meet you, as is your whole family!


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